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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Brightest of Days

My heart is so full (and my legs are so sore) after our first Bright Effects Day on Saturday. We received so many amazing applications from incredible women that it was nearly impossible to choose just 2. But by random choice, we chose Sylvia and Suzanne and we couldn't be happier about it! We LOVED every minute spent with these amazing, funny, strong, brave and beyond beautiful women and I'm so excited to share our experience with you!

Our day started off at noon with a very healing therapy session with our therapist, Angie Whitman. She is absolutely incredible and it honestly felt like 5 friends just sitting around and chatting about our lives. It was so humbling to get to know Sylvia and Suzanne on that deeper level. I look up to both of them and admire their strengths so much. 

Next, we headed off to our private Pilates class donated by Melissa Olsen, owner of Core Body Pilates in Gilbert, AZ. And can I just say, I'm in love. It was not only the most fun I've ever had working out but I am still crazy sore today so it most definitely works. And honestly, what better way to clear your mind than working out with a bunch of amazing women who can completely relate to you? Pilates really targets specific muscle groups yet it's low impact, leaving little room for injury. If you live in the Phoenix area, check it out! 

Isn't Angie such a babe?

Lots of love for these girls. 

Who wouldn't want to eat a sandwich the size of your face along with a cream cheese brownie after you get done working out?? Well we were definitely not above the idea so we headed over to Kneaders in Gilbert for a delicious lunch donated by Josh Tycksen (owner of Kneaders in Ahwatukee). It hit the spot and I probably could have eaten the entire pan of cream cheese brownies. Yum. :)

This next part was one of my most favorite parts of the day. Our stylist, Thom Hlavin from Epic Salon and our independent make up artist, Nella Brenner gave Sylvia and Suzanne a full make over and they looked absolutely stunning. Seriously. I honestly couldn't take my eyes off of them and Jacy couldn't stop running her fingers through their hair! Sylvia decided to cut off a couple of inches and came out with an entirely new haircut and style and Suze had her eyebrows filled in for the first time. :) They were practically new women walking out of there and it was so fun to be there with them to experience that. And to watch Thom and Nella do their work was mind blowing. They are two of the most talented beauty professionals and we are so lucky they were willing to share those talents with us. 

A picture is truly worth a thousand words and this is where our incredible photographer comes in to play. Shannon from Shannon Worley Photography offered her talents to capture Sylvia and Suzanne and all of their beauty. When Jacy and I first started talking about the idea of doing Bright Effects Days for women, the photography was one of the most important pieces in our eyes. We wanted these women to truly see how beautiful and worthy they are as JUST them. Not a mom, wife, friend, daughter or co-worker. But THEM. They were glowing and we hope they will be able to look back on these pictures and always remember how brave they are. 



I am so glad that Jacy and I have decided to start Bright Effects. We are already planning our next Bright Effects Day. I feel like this is what I was meant to do by starting this blog (Bright Stripes). I love fashion but was really craving something more real and genuinely rewarding. The feeling of love and compassion that I have for these women is indescribable and I feel so lucky to have met them. And to see their faces at the end of the day made everything that much more special to me. Lucky to call them friends. 

If you live in the Phoenix area and would like to apply or nominated someone for our next Bright Effects Day then please email:

HUGE thanks to all of our sponsors. We love you all and truly couldn't have done this day without you.

Read what Jacy had to say about our first Bright Effects Day here.
Read about Suze's experience here.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bright Effects!

For the last 3 months or so, Jacy and I have been busy working on a little project that we are FINALLY ready to launch!

It's called...

and we have teamed up with some of the very BEST (and our favorite!) professionals in Arizona to provide a day of pampering, friendship, healing, and beauty. And for a few lucky ladies each month, it's going to be FREE!

How amazing is that?

So… without further ado… here are the Bright Effects we're going to spoil a few ladies with:

  • A small support group style therapy session led by Angie Whitman, LAC of Family Strategies to talk about whatever is needing processing in our lives.

  • A place to push our limits, try something new, and sweat it out in a private Pilates class led by studio owner Melissa Olsen at  Core Body Pilates.

  • A delicious lunch at Kneaders Cafe in Gilbert, donated by owner Josh Tycksen.

  • A hair trim/cut and style by the ever so talented Thom Hlavin from Epic Salon to clean us up and give us a new look.

  • A makeover by the beautiful Nella Brenner

  • And to top it all off, we'll have a private photoshoot to capture the lovely and brightness of you by the gifted photographer Shannon Worley (who took our pictures above :)

Doesn't this sound just deliciously refreshing and awesome!? TWO lucky ladies in August will be selected to be the recipients of such a special and unique day

Our first Bright Effects date will take place on Saturday, August 30th and will likely be from 12:00 o'clock noon to about 6:00 pm.  Jacy and I will be both there throughout the day and joining in on the good times :)

If you'd like to participate OR know someone who needs something like this right now, please email us at and tell us a little bit more about you and why you'd like to join in on the fun!

Our goal with Bright Effects is to bring some BRIGHTNESS into our lives- because, let's be honest, no matter who you are, what your experiences have been, or what phase of life you find yourself in now, who couldn't use a little bit more light? 


P.S. This day is for anyone, any age… all we ask is that you're female and over 18 years old :)

And DON'T BE BASHFUL! This day was created for YOU, so APPLY! :)

Friday, June 13, 2014

Father's Day crafts

I asked my son what he wanted to do for his dad for Father's Day and he immediately said he wanted to make him something. Let me tell you, I am NOT a crafty person but I was up for the challenge. Brighton is at the age now where he loves to help me with stuff and is actually pretty good at it. So we headed off to Hobby Lobby and put our thinking caps on. He wanted something that involved "gross candy" because his dad really likes "gross candy" so this was the idea we came up with. Only, I refused to by gross candy because if there was going to be leftovers, I needed that excuse to be able to eat it. :) 

 Materials you'll need:
Wooden open box
Chalkboard paint
Sponge paint brush (not shown)
Washi tape
Glass bottles
Chalk Pens
Candy (not shown)

Spray paint or paint the box with chalkboard paint and let fully dry for a couple of hours. In the mean time, decorate glass bottles with washi tape and fill with favorite candies. Once the box is dry, let your kids write sweet messages to Dad with chalk or chalk pens. Super easy and fun!

Beaded Key Chain
 (Vanna White hands

Materials you'll need:
Hemp or Leather cord
*note: make sure the hole in the beads is big enough. I made the mistake of not doing that and had to make another trip
Key Chain Rings

Loop leather or hemp cord around keychain ring and pull into a knot.
Thread beads on in order of your choice then tie knot at bottom.
That's it! Another super fun and easy craft to do.

Brighton got to celebrate Father's Day a few day's early with his dad because his dad will be in Africa for about a month. But they both seemed to really love his crafts and honestly, it wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be! Dare I say, I actually enjoyed it too. :)

Happy Father's Day to all of the amazing Father's out there. I've been lucky to have not only an incredible dad but also an amazing step-dad in my life. I'd be lost without both of them and truly appreciate all they do for me and my little family. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Week Day Wants-Putting Outfits Together

I wanted to do something a little bit different this week for Week Day Wants. I often get asked to just help women put an outfit together. They feel like they can find cute things but they aren't sure how to pair them with others. So, I'm going to put together a couple of casual/everyday outfits that I would personally wear and pick out for someone else. I don't know how "good" I am at this but I sure do love doing it! I'm a fan of mixing different styles and textures together and making sure that things aren't too "matchy matchy". I'm also a fan of going shopping in my own closet before I actually purchase something. A lot of times, we will have similar items in our closets already that will give us the look we're going for without having to pull out our credit cards. But then again, there are time's where you just have to have something and it's totally worth the splurge!

This is an outfit that you could go from running errands to date night without even having to change your shoes. I love contrasting lace with a dark pant and adding in fun metallics give the outfit a unique touch.

This looks like the perfect, casual summer outfit to me. You could wear it to a BBQ, a baseball game or just running around town with your family or friends. It's comfortable, low key but still "put together".

This is an outfit I would wear to go out shopping for the day or even to a festival or park. Long, shapeless dresses aren't very flattering on me since I am so short and have a bigger "backside". It ends up just making me look bigger all around. So having a double wrap belt to cinch it in really helps to give it shape and flatter my body type better. 
Hat/Necklace/Dress/Wrap Belt/Gladiators

So, I went to post this yesterday but you guys will thank me that I didn't. I read through it and realized that it made zero sense. Lack of sleep has gotten the best of me this week! Every single person I talked to yesterday asked what was wrong with me and every time I parked my car yesterday, it was between two spots. EverySingleTime. Tonight's going to be an early bedtime for me (yeah right) and I'm going to have so much energy tomorrow (another yeah right) and this busy weekend ahead is going to be a breeze! :)

**These are all outfits that I would wear any day of the week and into the weekend. The prices may not fit into everyone's budget, but remember to go shopping in your own closet first and if you don't have anything similar, stores like T.J. Maxx and Nordstrom Rack always have great prices. I am also continually checking the "sale"section on my favorite store's websites.
Hope you guys are having a good week!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Frugal friday-$35 and under (kids edition)

(click on matching number to be directed to link)

How fun is kid's fashion right now? Seriously. I just can't get over it. Brighton's closet it packed full of amazing hand me downs but it is so hard to resist some of these fun finds. I especially love when you can pair a little boy style with your girls wardrobe. Add in some spunk. :) 

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Week Day Wants-Finding your home style

I recently just moved into a new house and I must admit that in most of my spare time, if I'm not trying to sale everything I own, I'm online shopping for new things to fill those newly emptied spaces. I wanted a fresh start, a new beginning and new memories. I wanted somewhere that I felt safe and where I could just get rid of any "negative energy". 
I am kind of obsessed with interior decorating. I always have enjoyed it and have been told that I have a "good eye". I wouldn't go that far but it's something that I really really have fun doing. Like, I may enjoy styling my house more than myself. That's LOVE

Anyways, so I will post some pictures once (if ever) I get my house done. But in the mean time, I'll share with you some fun finds that I've come across while scouring this lovely thing called the internet. 

Hope you guys are having a good week! 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bright Things Ahead

Yesterday I posted this quote on my Bright Stripes Instagram:

"I can't think of many things more attractive 
than a beautiful person whose 
beauty isn't what actually attracts you.

When I first read this quote, it wasn't a man or a love interest that popped into my head, it was this beautiful friend of mine. 

This is Jacy and she has quickly become one of my most favorite people, my closest friend,       
 the "pb to my j". 

We met in a way that proves that we were truly destined to be friends. She has a blog called, 'My Name is Jacy' you can check it out here. And you can see some of my favorite posts of hers: here, here and here (pretty impossible to pick 3). She has built her empire on helping women overcome the hardships and struggles involved with being in difficult marriages and relationships, stemming from her own previous marriage which ended abruptly due to an addiction. I, myself, am coming out of a very difficult marriage that was filled with that very same heart breaking addiction. I stumbled upon Jacy's blog late one night, left a comment on one of her posts and the next day we were making plans to have breakfast. And now, here we are. Funny how life works, isn't it?

We are so excited to announce that we are going to be joining forces and starting something that is very important (and exciting) to us! We can't spill all of the beans yet but it involves helping others and ourselves find our inner strengths along with some self rejuvenation to help us truly understand just how beautiful we all are. 

As I mentioned before, we still haven't sorted out all of the details but we will keep you posted frequently until our launch date in June.

(Photography by my amazingly talented friend, Shannon Worley. Check out her photography website here. We love her. Lots. And look forward to working with her on this movement.)

Stay tuned…

Jacy's Outfit Details:
Dress: here
Shoes: Jeffrey Cambell (old) similar here
Necklace: Anthro (old) similar here

Shay's Outfit Details: 
Dress: here
Shoes: here
Necklace: J. Crew (old) 
Rings: Charming Charlies and Francesca's Boutique (both in store)

Friday, May 2, 2014

Frugal Friday-5 clutches under $50

I'm not the biggest clutch person in the world. I think they are great for nights out, but let's be honest, I rarely get a night out. So I tend to stick with my cross body or tote. Spending hundreds of dollars on a tiny bag is just not my forte but I'd still like to add a few to my closet for those "special" occasions. So I went on the hunt and found these five fabulous clutches (some even convert to a cross body), all under $50! It just can't get much better than that, my friends.