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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Origami Owl Giveaway!

 I am so excited to team up with my good friend, Heather Bell at Origami Owl, to give you all the chance to win a free Origami Owl necklace designed by me! Origami Owl is a company that prides themselves in quality product. Their jewelry is all hypoallergenic and is dipped and plated not 2x's but 10x's over the industry standard. I have the most sensitive skin, so having the option to still be able to buy beautiful jewelry without it irritating my skin is huge. Plus, being able to literally design your own necklace is pretty much the coolest thing ever.
When I got the chance to design my own necklace for you guys, I decided to go with something very near and dear to my heart. The theme of this necklace is; Military Love. Whether you are a wife, girlfriend, sister, mom or best friend, you all know the sacrifice and faith it takes to love someone serving in our Armed Forces.

I can't wait to give this amazing necklace away to one of my lucky readers!
How To Enter:
1. "Like" Heather Bell-Origami Owl on Facebook here
2. "Like" Bright Stripes on Facebook here
3. Share the "Origami Owl Giveaway" post on Facebook
4. Follow Bright Stripes by clicking the blue "Join This Site" button in the right hand column
5. Comment here stating you've done 1-4
Extra entries:
-Follow me on Instagram = +1 pt
-Follow me on Pinterest = +1 pt
-Share the Origami Owl Giveaway Instagram post-(don't forget to tag me) = +2 pts

Giveaway ends: November 14th
Winner will be announced: November 16th

Best of Luck!



  1. This is so cute! I've done all the steps and bonus points except following you on pinterest. Your link to follow you isn't working. Hope I win!

    1. Oh no! I think I may have fixed it. Hopefully! Thanks for entering and good luck!

    2. Awesome! Thanks! Following you on pinterest now too :-)

  2. 1-4 and bonus points! Thank you, this is really kind of you! Such an awesome giveaway to whoever wins!

  3. I did 1-4, now 5 and follow a board of yours on pinterest. So excited---thank you!

  4. I've done 1 - 4 and also follow on Pinterest, I'd do the others too but I don't have an Instagram account.

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  6. I did steps 1-4, Also follow you on Pinterest and Instagram, Posted the photo on my personal instagram and Military support instagram! This necklace is absolutely beautiful! :)

  7. Steps 1-4 complete! Also following on pinterest. I don't have an instagram or I would have entered there as well. Great giveaway and cute necklace!

  8. 1-4 Officially Completed :) so excited to see who wins! Good Luck Everyone!!! Can't wait for the next blog post.

  9. Followed steps 1-4

  10. 1-4 done, + instagram, + pintrest. :)
    - Chandra