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Thursday, December 19, 2013

a few of my Favorite (beauty) things

1. I just bought this highlighting blush a few weeks ago and I'm hooked. It combines the luminosity you get from a highlighter with a subtle hint of color. Kills two birds with one stone and like all other NARS products, it lasts for a very long time. 

2. This stuff is the pretty much the definition of the perfect hairspray. It smells glorious, gives a slight shine to your hair and isn't sticky. Like, at all. It leaves your hair soft but still gives the best hold. I love it so much. 

3. My skin is crazy sensitive. Basically, if you look at me for too long i'll break out. It's obnoxious but this Smashbox CC cream has been my lifesaver. It gives you a flawless look. I mean seriously flawless. And it doesn't make me break out. In fact, I haven't even had a breakout since I started using it (besides those unavoidable hormonal ones of course). It's amazing stuff. Especially for those with sensitive skin. Plus, how can you resist all of the other benefits it gives you? Go buy it. You won't regret it.  

4. Obagi {sigh}. Oh, how I love Obagi. My mom has used this line for as long as I can remember. I used to think it was only for more mature skin but I was very wrong. I'm an Aesthetician and have tried pretty much every single skin care line out there but nothing beats Obagi. They have products for all skin types. This cleanser is my most favorite. It's removes all of your make up and makes your skin feel so fresh. A tiny bit goes a long ways so it lasts for up to a year! Well worth it. 

5. Mac Viva la glam = the little black dress of red lipsticks. It's perfection and I'm in love with it. That is all.

6. I received my first Clarisonic when I was working as an Aesthetician at a large salon in Phoenix, AZ almost 7 years ago. I was blown away then just like I am still blown away by how amazing this cleansing brush is. They have knock offs out there but nothing compares. It gets every morsel of make up off of your face leaving your skin in a state that lets the rest of your skin care regime truly "soak" in. And who can resist having baby soft skin? Not I, my friends. Not I. 

7. Best brow filler. Ever ever ever. It's point is so precise that you can shape and fill in your brows to look like whatever your little heart desires. It has a slight waxy feel to keep your brows in place so you don't need to use brow gel. Great product.

8.  This NYX Strawberry Parfait is my every day lip gloss. I've been using it for so long now that I naturally just put it in my pocket when I leave the house. It's creamy, not sticky and goes on like butter (hence the name). It has the perfect hint of color and shine. I adore NYX products but this one is my absolute favorite. 

9. I'm pasty white. There's just no other way of putting it. My dad's side is Irish and my moms side is German and Dutch so there's just really no beating it. I burn, rarely tan and have been diagnosed with skin cancer more times than I can count. So it's safe to say that I refuse to go to tanning beds. (Plus, who needs those premature wrinkles? ) With that being said, I still like to look tan. I'm a faker and i'll admit it. This Fake Bake Flawless is THE BEST FAKE TANNING STUFF EVER! I'm not even kidding. I've tried them all but this one is 'flawless' in every way. 

10. I received a sample of this exfoliator in one of my Birchbox shipments. I'm hooked. I love to mix it with my Obagi cleanser. Great for all skin types and won't make you break out!

11. I've tried every hair powder under the sun and 99% of them just made my hair feel greasier. My neighbor told me about this Dove dry shampoo and I love it so much. It smells so yummy and actually works! I used to have to wash my hair every day but now I can go a few days with it still looking good. And not smell like old dirty hair. No one wants to smell like that. 

12. Like previously mentioned, my skin is sensitive. I have used the MAC mineralized skin finish powder on and off for the past 5 years or so and have recently gone back to it permanently. I used Bare Minerals for the longest time but it kind of just stopped working for me. This powder makes your skin look flawless without breaking you out. Win win! 

13. This blow dry spray was another sample from one of my monthly beauty bags that I receive. I have stocked up on a couple bottles of it since. It smells so good and really gives your hair the perfect amount of volume. I have super thin hair so this stuff is a must!

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