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Monday, December 2, 2013


Hi. It's me and I promise that I still exist. Things have been so crazy since I've been home from Italy. I got to stay home for a few days before I had to pack us up again and head to Phoenix for Thanksgiving. We got to spend a fun filled week with my sister, her kids and husband at my parents house in Phoenix. So... basically once I had the chance to sit down and blog, I was pretty much half asleep already. But it was great spending time with family, letting cousins run around and play with grandma and grandpa. I even ran my first 10k on Thanksgiving morning! It was fun and I'm excited to do it again some day soon. Anyways, I really should receive an award for how bad of a blogger I've been lately but our camera decided to stop working (our last day in Italy might I add) and my computer has basically crashed. So...I apologize for being so lame but I promise you'll be seeing my "wish list wednesday" and "frugal friday" posts from here on out! The outfit posts will just be a little delayed. 
Anyways, on to this post. Since I'm not able to do outfit posts, I'm just going to share more of our Italian vacation. This post is on Pompei. We spent about 5 or 6 hours exploring as much of this town as possible. Last time I was there we were literally in and out. So it was amazing seeing more of this "ruined" city and knowing a little more about the history. I walked around just imagining what it would be like living in such a beautiful place. It has a sense of romance to it even when you see Mt. Vesuvius looming in the background. I plan on reading every book I can find on Pompei and I hear there is even a movie coming out, so I'll be first in line to see that. 

 (found all over the town, leading to the more risqué part of town)

 (Mt. Vesuvius in the background)

I wish I could post every single photo from this place. There was something unbelievable around every corner. I hope every one gets the chance to visit there some day. Especially if you're a huge history buff like I am. Stay tuned for a day in Positano! (And of course some style...) 

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