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Monday, January 6, 2014

Hello New Year...

Wow, the holidays went by just a little too fast for my liking. I loved getting away (from my computer) and spending real quality time with Brighton. But I can't believe they are done and gone already. To be honest, I don't feel ready for the New Year yet. I'm having a hard time feeling that motivation that's suppose to magically appear on January 1st. Is anyone else feeling this way or is it just me? I think it'll come soon enough. I truthfully believe that 2014 will bring amazing things. Hopefully one morning I'll just jump out of bed with both feet running.  
One thing I am feeling is a sense of wanderlust. I keep looking back at my past few vacations and wishing I could be on a red eye to somewhere fascinating. This time with my little buddy in tow. But for now I guess all I can do is day dream. And share photos from Florence, Italy of course. 

Florence was my absolute favorite city the last time I was in Italy. It's charming, romantic, full of history, quaint streets and home to one of the most incredible cathedrals you have EVER seen. (The basilica di Santa Maria del fiore.)I could explore that city for months and never get sick of it. I got to spend 5 whole days there this last time. I was able to see such a different aspect of the city and learned that it's really just a big college town. I immediately regretted never taking the chance to study abroad. We met some great people whom all had great stories to tell. I can hardly wait for the day that I get to go back. 

 (My obsession with doors was on crack during this vacation.)

 (Loved these streets)

 (what the…?)

 (Ponte Vecchio bridge)

                           (Write a letter to Beatrice and it's believed that her and Dante will protect your love.)
 (Dante's church. Beautiful. Bare. Romantic. I could've sat in there for hours.)

 (This cathedral is known for it's beautiful outside architecture but "plain" inside. It was raw, real and not gaudy like a lot of the cathedrals are in Europe. Then you look up and see this. Amazing.)  
  I couldn't get enough photos. It took my breath away every time I turned the corner. 

 (Street art)

 (My final farewell shot)
 (Pensione Pendini. Best hotel and highly recommended. This is what you walk out into every day.)

I could share photos and talk about this place for days but just take my word for it that if you're ever in Italy, Firenze needs to be on your to-do list. A piece of my heart will always always be there. 

Our camera is still in the shop getting fixed and I'm just itching to get back to my "outfit posts". Not because I think my outfits are really that great but mainly because it gives me a reason to get out of my work out clothes (which are totally acceptable to wear even days I don't work out, right?) for the day. I know iPhone photos are common to use but I just don't like that idea. Pretty soon I'm going to be tempted to just whip out my old polaroid camera and go about this the old fashion (well…kind of) way. 

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