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Monday, January 13, 2014

Roma, Italia

 One of the fashion capital's of the world and more importantly, one of the most historically rich cities you could probably ever visit. I love everything about this city (except for the tourists). Driving from Sorrento to Rome was beautiful and simple. I loved every minute of it until we got about an hour away from Rome. Then that enthusiasm faded quickly. Reading road signs in a different language, while driving in traffic with insane European drivers, is pretty much just asking for an accident or a serious case of road rage. Thank goodness our hotel wasn't in Rome because I really would've wanted to just throw in the towel if I had to drive into the city.
Our hotel was in the hill side town of Frascati, which is a small countryside town with the most amazing views of the outskirts of Rome.
 You get to Rome by driving to the Metro station which is only about 20 km away and then take the Metro in. It was simple and we got the hang of it quickly. (Except for driving back to Frascati from Rome. At night. In the rain. Terrible combination for my blind eyes.) Rome is always filled with tourists and tourist attractions just like any other large city. I have a hard time not letting the thousands of tourists surrounding each historical monument not take away some of the authenticity for me. It's obnoxious (even though I obviously contribute to the tourism) but it makes me love those hidden cobblestone alley's with the delicious cafe's and tucked away church's even more.

The history of Rome is one of my favorites to read about. Last time I was there I appreciated it but not as much as I was able to this time. We were able to cram so much into the short time we were there. We even climbed to the top of the dome in St. Peters Basilica in the Vatican. Like, literally, the top of the top. You can't even describe that view in words. However, I can describe the climb up there (yes, climb) in one word…hell.
I like to imagine what these cities were like 2,000 years ago or what it would be like to come across the Colosseum after the fall of the Roman Empire. If you hear of a time machine, let me know. I'll be the first in line.
Anyways, here are some photos from the few days we were able to spend in this magnificent city.

 (Hotel Villa Vecchia Monte Porzio Catone)

 (View out the shutter windows from my hotel room. Beautiful.)

 (Took me 9 1/2 years to come back last time I made this wish. Hoping it's not that long this time.)

 (Casey's first time at the Spanish Steps. Apparently he couldn't find them last time he was here.)
 (We figured it out. Can you?)
 (Turned 31 in the "center" of Rome.)
 (Figured this one out too. What do you think?)

(Who am I really taking a picture of here…) 

 (Part of The Forum. We both had been there before so we opted out. The line was a mile long.)

(Climbing up to the top of the dome. This was the easy part.) 
 (Vatican Gardens)

 (Hung out behind the Pope's for a bit while working our way back down.)

(It turned into a double rainbow. "What does it mean??".) 
 (The symbol of Rome found in various places.)

 Are you guys sick of my Italy pictures yet? Well, if you are then you're in luck. These were the last of them. (I think, at least.) If you get the chance to travel, please visit Rome. It's a place you have to see at least once. And plan to spend at least 2 days in the Vatican. We weren't able to go into the Vatican Museum because it was closed. I wasn't able to spend a lot of time in the museum last time so I was pretty bummed about it. But it lead to our adventure in St. Peters so it all worked out. Thanks for following along on my adventure. Can I go back now?

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