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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Get In The Groove

Spring break is here which means that summer is literally just right around the corner. I have been working with a personal trainer the last few weeks and it's completely changed my mindset! I am so excited to not be embarrassed to get into a bathing suit this summer and to know I'm the healthiest I can be. I'll be doing some really fun fitness posts within the next month but I figured I'd start off by sharing some fun and bright workout clothes that I've got my eye on and a nice little 5 day booty blaster. Because, let's be honest, having the perfect outfit to wear to the gym sometimes is all the motivation you need. :) 


How to shape your boot-ay in 5 days
I have a big old booty. There's just no other way of saying it. I used to not so I'm not really sure where it came from, but regardless, I don't mind it. These are some of the best bum blasting moves that you can do to either build a strong backside or keep the one you already have in tip top shape. The best part is, you can do them right from the comfort of your living room. Or bathroom. Or really wherever you feel like. Take this 5 day challenge and I promise your glutes and thighs will feel tighter and firmer. Along with most likely being on fire.

30 shoulder bridges
40 plie squats
30 jump lunges
40 full squats
30 mountain climbers
40 donkey kicks (each)
30 shoulder bridge

50 shoulder bridges
40 jumo lunges
50 donkey kicks (each)
60 full squats
40 clams each
50 one legged bridge (each)
50 shoulder bridge

70 full bridge
70 full squats
60 donkey kicks (each)
40 mountain climbers
60 one legged bridge (each)
70 plie squats
70 shoulder bridge

90 Shoulder bridge
60 plie squats
80 donkey kicks (each)
50 mountain climbers
80 full squats
60 fire hydrants (each)
90 shoulder bridge

100 shoulder bridge
90 donkey kicks (each)
70 plie squats
50 jump lunges
70 fire hydrants (each)
90 full squats
100 shoulder bridge

(Workout information found on If you haven't seen their website, check it out for amazing new workouts, daily. Find more info on this 5 day Booty Blast here.)   

Stay healthy my friends!           

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