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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Get Rid Of Some Layers

Of SKIN. Get rid of those dry, dead celled layers of skin that are causing that soft and subtle skin from underneath being able to shine through. One of the main reasons I love being an Aesthetician so much is the product I have access to. I have been a PCA Certified Aesthetician for close to 10 years now and doing chemical peels are my absolute favorite treatment to do. I have a giant bottle in my medicine cabinet in my bathroom that I pull out every month to help give my skin a good "makeover". I am currently in day 7 of my post treatment chemical peel and my skin is just now starting to stop peeling. My favorite is the PCA Peel with Hydroquinone. However, there are many different types of chemical peels for all different types of skin. 

(Right after treatment)
(Day 2)
(Day 4)
       (Day 5)
(Day 6)

Yeah, I realize these aren't the best photos but who's going to really look good when their face is peeling off in slabs? Not I. But honestly guys, if you have a chance to receive a chemical peel, do it. It's best to do this treatment before the weather gets too warm. You'll want to refrain from letting your face get wet in any way for 24 hours. This includes sweating. After that time period has cleared, you are able to cleanse with a gentle cleanser and exfoliate with a very gentle physical exfoliant. This helps to speed up the peeling process, resulting in more cell turnover.  You may notice your skin start to "purge" and push all of the congestion to up towards the surface. I assure you, this won't last long. PCA peels are amazing to treat not only active acne but heal and diminish acne scarring. Make sure to moisturize and don't EVER leave the house or even come close to the sun without an SPF of at least 50. To find a PCA certified skin care therapist near you go here

My favorite PCA Products 
(no Aesthetician license required to purchase these)
PCA has some of the best corrective products that you can add in to any skin care regime. These are 4 of my absolute favorites. 

-EyeXcellence:  I'm the queen of dark and puffy circles under my eyes, but this little eye cream really packs a punch. Eye creams often get left out of skin care regimes but they are by far one of the most important.  This product contains peptides that help calm puffiness and reduce the appearance of fine lines all while licorice root extract evens skin tone and reduces the under eye darkness

-ExLinea: This is the serum of all serums. Seriously. It's packed with most hydrating ingredients that leave your skin with the perfect dewy and hydrated appearance all while reducing those pesky fine lines and wrinkles.

-Total Strength Serum:  This peptide blend serum helps to to active the growth factor in the epidermis that not only tightens the skin but minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines. I love to use this with the ExLinea.

Apres Peel Hydrating Balm:  I love using thick moisturizers at night and this one is at the top of my favorites list. I wake up with my skin feeling completely hydrated and fresh. 

Now onto the exciting part… PCA GIVEAWAY!

I will be giving away a PCA Solution Set to a winner. These amazing kits contain at least 5 incredible trial sized products that will last you for weeks. Whether you have dry skin, oily/acne skin or mature skin, there is a kit for you. This giveaway is for everyone! Once the winner is announced, I will chat with you about your skin and help you decide which kit you'd like to receive. Tell your friends and good luck! Here's to having beautiful radiant skin just in time for summer…

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