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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hello Spring

I don't think I'm in the minority when I say that I love Spring. Everything just seems lighter, brighter and airy. The transition from winter to spring is especially fun because you get to pair winter goods with spring finds (i.e. booties with a floral pattern dress) Adorable. These are just a few brighter looks that I've come across lately that I'm completely in love with. Cream seems to be a stable color in the new spring lines and I couldn't be happier about it. It's irreplaceable and classic! (That 'visit Capri' shirt is sure making me miss Italy. Ugh.)
Yes, I realize that half of our country is covered in a layer of snow so Spring probably seems far off, but maybe doing some window shopping can cure those winter blues! Or just come to Phoenix. :) 

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