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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Week Day Wants-Finding your home style

I recently just moved into a new house and I must admit that in most of my spare time, if I'm not trying to sale everything I own, I'm online shopping for new things to fill those newly emptied spaces. I wanted a fresh start, a new beginning and new memories. I wanted somewhere that I felt safe and where I could just get rid of any "negative energy". 
I am kind of obsessed with interior decorating. I always have enjoyed it and have been told that I have a "good eye". I wouldn't go that far but it's something that I really really have fun doing. Like, I may enjoy styling my house more than myself. That's LOVE

Anyways, so I will post some pictures once (if ever) I get my house done. But in the mean time, I'll share with you some fun finds that I've come across while scouring this lovely thing called the internet. 

Hope you guys are having a good week! 

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